Play Risk and conquer kingdoms with these strategies

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The ultimate goal when you play Risk with anyone at Petes Game Room Forum is to win. But winning when you play Risk is not like in online chess where as long as you make the ideal moves, you will likely win regardless against the computer. Risk is different. Here, you are playing against other thinking players. You don't need to look for the perfect move but you have to find your opponent's weakness and try to find a way so you can control their minds. The earlier and more successful you can do that, the higher the probability of you winning. This article will introduce you to some guidelines on how you can influence your competitors when you play Risk and increase your chance of winning.

Keep Your Opponents Guessing

There is no question that each player is planning his moves. Your opponents surely have developed a strategy they can use and if everything goes well, you will end up a loser. To keep this from happening, you simply need to derail whatever their plans are. Take the initiative rather than wait around for your opponent to surprise you. Keep them constantly guessing so they'll stay in a defensive position. Attack his continent then swiftly retreat and regroup. Tease them with totally random moves. This will make them assume you are uncoordinated and suicidal. No player would ever want to battle against someone they perceive to be on a quest to eliminate their enemies. Even though your skills may be weak, your moves will cause your opponents to be a little more careful and play defensively. This could give you time and a chance to take control. Remember that you're playing against enemies who will react to your moves, make this advantageous for you.

Modify the Battlefield Constantly

Your opponents will exert every effort to see through their plans. He will want to place in specific areas in the map and make specific moves at exact times. You can interrupt this by thinking of strategies that would allow you to alter their plans. If your enemy is planning on attacking you after you claim your continent, then attack his continent first before you get yours. The key element is surprise. Manipulate the game in such a way that they will be constantly reacting to your moves and not the other way around. The secret to winning is fluidity. This is what many military generals used to conquer other lands.

Make Your Opponents Feel They Have The Upper Hand

You might encounter aggressive Risk players - they like to dominate and will implement heavy propaganda to show they're in control. They will instill fear so others may give up. This kind of players will be disliked by many. You can join forces with them so it will be easier to demolish him.

Allow Your Opponents to Make Mistakes

Since this is a no download game, meaning you are up against other people and not computers, your enemies are sure to commit mistakes, just like all humans do. They could be distracted because of their pride and they may fail to see a good tactic. Go through the game in such a way that they will not notice their strengths and frustrate them so they are more prone to making emotional moves and more mistakes.

In summary, Risk is all about the mind. You analyze your opponents' strategy so you can counter it and win the game.