No need to wait for days, play instant poker and get instant bonuses

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If you play instant poker, you could get instant bonuses. These are incentives that are automatically credited to your account as soon as you make a deposit. The amount is usually a percentage of your deposit but this bonus can be used instantly, in other words, there is no clearing time. You can directly use it to play instant poker, not to mention it increases your bankroll right from the beginning.

When you play instant poker and get an incentive, the major benefit is you don't have to wait for it to be cleared before getting it. This allows you to join higher stake tables. You could also simultaneously join more tables and win points so you can clear your remaining incentives faster. You could also win more money because you're able to join more tables. But there are some drawbacks. Although this is a great offer, you have to evaluate the betting requirements that come with other incentives offered. It is not unusual to have a hard time earning points to collect the remainder of the incentive.

An instant bonus is impossible to cash out. This free money comes with a condition that it can never be withdrawn. Moreover, you may have to decline it for more than 20 times before a casino will allow you to cash it out. Some cynics see instant bonuses as a marketing strategy to attract players and keep them glued on the site. Another thing to remember is that this free credit is only another incentive that you would have earned in some other way. Do not see it as free money because you have invested something so you can get it. This way, you will be more careful in using it.

Instant incentives pop up every once in a while. At times, they are given to new players. They are also offered to players who have not opened their account for a long time to convince them to fund their accounts. Consider this incentive as a strategy of the operator to catch your attention. No download online poker rooms are first and foremost a business and not a charity institution. They will not hand out free money if they will not gain from it. It is expected that each time you get free credits, they will always want something in return.