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Monopoly is considered one of the most prominent and most played board games in the market today. For those who are unfamiliar of this classic multiplayer game, players are tasked to buy, rent, and sell properties in the made-up city and end up as the wealthiest person in the Monopoly town. Each game can host from two up to five players competing with each other.

This classic board game features its own game board, player tokens, 2 units of dice, 32 houses, and 12 hotel replicas. It also has its own deck of cards which is consists of 28 Title Deed or property cards, 16 Community Chest cards, and 16 Chance cards. Most of these cards, especially the property cards, are usually played into the board game with play money include in the game set.

The true excitement starts once the dice start rolling. Players need to strategize their gameplay while managing their bank and resources to outwit their opponents. They should also avoid going to the jail and pay the fine, or worst go bankrupt and lose the game. Monopoly truly appeals to economist wannabes who can manage their wealth right in the palms of their hands.

But to cater to a wider audience, several online gaming sites today are now hosting different monopoly online board game variants. These include monopoly online 2 player modes, as well as regular monopoly games which are being offered for free play. Aside from the convenience it brings to its players since they won't need to set-up the actual board game, players can now connect virtually to play this classic board game.

Online Monopoly Gameplay

Online Monopoly features the same gameplay its players are experiencing while playing its board game version. Players still need to buy and sell properties to expand their empire and end up the wealthiest in their virtual neighborhood. The only difference with the actual board game is that players get to interact and control their turns with just simple clicks from their devices.

The game starts by choosing the number of players participating in the game. They can choose from 2 to 4 active players. Each player then inputs a his or her name, chooses a token or player avatar, and its color. They will then be given a starting bank worth $1,500. The remaining money will then go directly to the bank.

Compared with its actual counterpart, online Monopoly gaming features a virtual Banker which also acts as the game's auctioneer. The banker gets to hold on to the property titles, hotels and houses, and excess money until they are purchased or rewarded to players.

Players can now start rolling the dice to determine who goes first. The player who has the highest dice value starts the game.

Monopoly Game Actions

As mentioned, Monopoly online board game has the same mechanics and rules as with its physical board counterpart. This starts off with players being are rewarded with $200 every time they get to go around the virtual board and pass the GO spot. They also get to earn from rents paid by other players when they land on their owned properties.

Players can buy properties on spaces which are not yet owned by any player. They can maximize the value of their properties by buying spaces from the same color group and doubling their rent. This allows them to build houses and hotels around the neighborhood. These upgraded properties have more rent values compared with the initial properties which result for more rent to be collected. They can also start negotiating trades and auctions among other players to force them to go broke, file for bankruptcy, and win the game.

Winning Tips on Online Monopoly

Players can expect a special "rolling doubles" feature in online monopoly. This feature involves both dice rolling the same value. First time rolling doubles will grant the player an extra turn to throw the dice. But they need to be cautious of rolling a third consecutive ones as it will directly place them into the jail.

There are also spaces for Community Chest and Chance cards in the game board which can either win or lose players money. Players just need to pick a card on top of the deck to determine their bonus rewards. They can also save up on money by avoiding getting jailed or landing on any space owned by their opponents.

However, jailed players can bail out of jail for free with a "Get Out of Jail Free Card." They can either use it when their unfortunate time comes or sell it to another player for an agreed value.

It is also advisable for players to spend their money quickly by buying properties or developing them into houses and hotels. Experienced players believe that owning more properties gives them more earnings rather than saving loads of cash in their banks. Again, their goal is to end up as the richest player in the game.

Players can now play Monopoly online free full version in several online gaming sites available in the industry today.