Where To Go To Play Chess Online - It's Time To Check This Out!

Petes Game Room Forum

There are a multitude of different websites like Petes Game Room Forum that allows players of all kinds to play chess with no download necessary . Mostly these websites are free although for the more serious player, there are some that come with a yearly subscription fee attached.

Below are listed some of the more popular websites where one can play chess and other games such as Online Checkers. The first two are the ideal place for beginners, The last two namely, Play Chess, & ICC are more honed towards the serious players. Here's what's on offer.

MSN Games Zone Chess

Typical Player Count Online: 600+

Although not one of the most popular sites it is certainly one of the oldest and it has its loyal band of followers. The game allows the player to select how long they wish to play for from the menu of 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes and untimed, and then automatically matches them up with an opponent. The 10 and 30 minute games are rated, whilst the shorter 5 minute and untimed games are unrated.

Yahoo Chess

Typical Player Count Online: 6000+

For the beginner starting out, Yahoo Chess is an ideal place to get started as there are a steady stream of novices here on the Yahoo site. Although blitz games do seem to dominate the servers, games can be set up for any duration one wishes, and the users just browse through the available rooms to create a rated or an unrated game.

Play Chess

Typical Player Count Online: 5000

Play Chess is a very popular site for seasoned players to visit and is tied in with the Chess Base Website. Whilst visiting guests are free, there is an annual subscription of 30 Euros and some of the premium features found available on the more expensive ICC, can also be found here.

Internet Chess Club

Typical Player Count Online: 2500

In signing off, it's time to present the best of the best. The Internet Chess Club program is free to all for the first 7 days, after which a yearly subscription applies of $60. As well as having many premium offerings not found elsewhere, it is also host to many international masters and grandmaster players. Exciting live grandmaster blitz and tournament games are available with commentary, right down to lessons for those wanting to improve their skills. Serious players new & old, this is the place to be to watch & play Chess!