Is a no download casino right for you? Find out here

Majority of online games have acquired their software from any of the numerous software providers in the market. Most of the establishments that need to be downloaded are only compatible with a single platform, but more casinos have adapted to the practice of running on several software so they are able to offer a more varied combination of games. For sites that have the same software, they generally have the same game offerings, too. For example, you will see that a site with Microgaming software has almost the same games with another establishment that also runs on Microgaming. But some places have a few games that are exclusive to them. Rarely can you find a place that runs on its own software. A proprietary software is the site's very own software so games are exclusive to them.

Due to licensing restrictions and other legal issues, there are establishments that do not accept players from certain countries. So depending on your area of residence, some sites may not be accessible to you. For establishments running on several software, some games may not be available to you.

Establishments on the internet are available in a no download casino version or a downloadable one. When you download, you can usually have the full version ¬- meaning, the full package of games and online casino scratchcards. On the other hand, a no download casino means you can play directly from your web browser. You just have to log in so you can start playing. It is common for a betting site to have a download and no download casino version. Once you sign up, you can play through either of these options. Your balance will be credited from the download version into the instant play version and vice versa. At present, a large number of establishments have developed a mobile-compatible version too. These mobile apps allow their customers to access the games even when they are outside their house or have no internet connection.

A no download casino is perfect for those who don't have the patience for a download or simply have small disk space. This version is also ideal for computers that do not have a large RAM since some software, like that of Microgaming, lag when there's limited memory space. Do not think, however, that these web-based versions are free from issues. But they are usually solved by switching to another browser. Most instant play versions work best if opened on Chrome.